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Meat Beastly - The Demos

Meat Beastly, 2011

“It’s gonna sound stupid!”
These are the first words uttered on the four song demo CD RCA received from the self-proclaimed “suckmetal” trio Meat Beastly and those words couldn’t be farther from the truth. 
Rising from the ashes of Uncle Slippy Fist, the Monroe, Michigan-based Meat Beastly has scaled down the number of members since the Slippy days, but little else. Instead, MB has amped up the intensity of their writing as displayed in their song “Bonging the Afterbirth.” The opening riff trudges along like a mule while the drums and vocals crack like whips on the back of the tune. Reminiscent of the Brutal Truth side-project Venomous Concept, the song contains simple riffs, smart song structure, all wrapped up in a minute-and-a-half, grindy-death metal treat.
While “Bonging the Afterbirth” is their strongest showing, the rest of Meat Beastly’s demo tracks show promise for the finished product due out in the Fall. The music on “Fiberglass Colonic” and “”What the Fuck Are You Feeding Them?!?!” continue down the same path, mixing solid metal riffs with grind drumming while the vocals primarily stay in the guttural register similar to Disfiguring The Goddess. And let us not forget “The Transfer of Skin and Muscle Tissue From a Patient With a Sever Pigment Disorder to a Patient With a Normal, Healthy Complexion,” for which the name is longer than the song. All four seconds of this screams Napalm Death, in a good way.
Meat Beastly consists of bassist/vocalist Nate Richardson and drummer Jeff Vergiels at the helm, taking on the majority of the writing duties while guitarist Dave Bussell rounds-out this deathy-grindcore threesome. Look for Meat Beastly’s debut album in the  Fall of 2012. 

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